Hi my name is Kirston I'm an amateur photographer. I do it mainly as a hobby, I have been taking photos for many years, photography is a big part of my life it’s something I really enjoy doing. 

I remember seeing people taking photo when I was a child and thinking I must get one of those, it’s a good way to record my life, as I was never any good at writing so the next best way to do was with photos. .

My first camera was an old 35mm Zenith. 

I don't have any specific area of expertise I just see something I like I snap it, although I do have an immense curiosity in people I'm a bit of a people observer I find them very absorbing.  Also Yoga is a much-loved subject the I find it very gratifying to the eye


I also have local Artist Poets works posted.


If anyone would like to have a photo/picture published on this site, please use the contact page to submit your details.


Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for looking